Eric Ciaramella

We now know, with absolute certainty, that Eric Ciaramella is the so-called “whistle-blower.” Why do we know that?

Because the Democrats have a tell: they are desperate to hide his name, even though everyone in Washington already knows it, and the name has been all over social media for weeks. That cat is out of the bag.

The second tell is how angry they get when people post his name on Facebook. Someone I know just threatened to report me for doing that.

This genuinely puzzled me, because the emotions seem…disproportionate. Underneath such anger, there must be a very deep fear. The exposure of Eric Ciaramella threatens their entire theory of the case. Beyond that, it threatens their entire world-view.

If Eric Ciaramella is not a whistle-blower, then he is a conspirator. That means there was a criminal conspiracy against Trump, against his voters, and against the Constitution itself. This conspiracy reached into the FBI, the CIA, the highest levels of the Obama administration, and included all of the mainstream media organizations.

We are holding up a mirror for the Democratic Party, and they can’t stand to look at what they see. They are too committed to their belief in their own cultural, intellectual, and moral superiority.

Now watch the fur fly. Maybe, after years of trying, I will finally get kicked off of Facebook…

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