The Belmont Club
The most interesting blog on the web, focusing on our war with the global jihad, along with related issues.

Deeply insightful and sometimes poetic.

The most energetic blog I’ve ever seen. Glenn Reynolds adds new links every few hours, covering an eclectic range of legal, political and technical topics. If you’re bored, go there and explore.

Strategy Page
A window into the world-view of the US military. The authors appear to have personal connections and sources inside the Pentagon.

The Flight 93 Election
The most important essay from the Trump election: “2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You—or the leader of your party—may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees.

Except one: if you don’t try, death is certain. To compound the metaphor: a Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.”