The coming months

The problems will not come with the Inauguration itself.

But over the coming months, as the Democrats resume
control of Congress and the executive branch, they will
set about implementing their agenda.

As they do so, they will also have the power to express
their intense hatred for Trump, and more importantly,
all of his voters. One might imagine campaigns to shut
down fossil fuel related businesses, to confiscate guns,
or to dominate christian schools regarding issues of
trans-sexuality. Conservative voices will be silenced
in the media, including social media. Even refuges
like Paler may be shut down.

The violence will start when people in the red states
begin shooting the federal agents sent out to enforce
these orders.

The Second Civil War will not look anything like the first
one, in 1861. It will begin as a covert and dirty war, with
political assassinations, targeted killings, sabotage and
bombings. I have no idea how it will end.

God help us.
Brace for impact.

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