The Voldemort Rule

Serious question: Where are we allowed to talk about alleged Ukraine whistleblower Eric [redacted]? It seems like so few are doing so even though he is one of the final missing pieces of the puzzle at the conclusion of the impeachment saga, a loose end that won’t seem to go away.

You can’t talk about him on YouTube, as Senator Rand Paul learned.

You can’t talk about him on Facebook, as Ken LaCorte learned.

Mainstream media, including Fox News, has a “Voldemort Rule” in place. Guests are told He Who Shall Not Be Named is anathema and cause for instant excommunication from cable news forever if his name is uttered.

Twitter has remained Ciaramella-agnostic thus far, though some have reported there’s an algorithmic suppression of Tweets that tag him. I’ve written extensively about Eric Ciaramella on my site, but we’re not Fox News. Not yet.

Where does that leave us? Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes has threatened to refer the investigation into Ciaramella to the Justice Department if Inspector General Michael Atkinson doesn’t comply with a request for information surrounding his whistleblower exploits. Considering the tip-toeing the DoJ is doing right now as a result of the Roger Stone situation, it’s hard to imagine them going after the whistleblower until the smoke clears, if ever.

The conversation needs to be had, as Ciaramella’s involvement in questionable activities that extend back to before the 2016 election tells us he knows a lot more that needs to come to light. His fingerprints are all over Burisma, and not just as a whistleblower to the Zelensky phone call. Reports indicate he was engaged in covering for Hunter Biden while President Obama was still in the White House. His leaked conspiracy theory that Vladimir Putin ordered the firing of James Comey has never been fully resolved. Considering how much access he had to sensitive and classified White House information through the NSC, CIA, and working for H.R. McMaster, he must be questioned by the right people at some point in the very near future.

There are precious few places online where Eric Ciaramella’s name is even allowed to be mentioned. His exploits continue to be important even as impeachment is fading into the history books. It’s time for people in power (and everyone else) to know what’s really behind the alleged whistleblower’s actions.

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